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Uruwala Family Estate was initiated by Chanaka Mallikarachchi. He is an Engineer who develops high tech solutions for aircrafts but then yet a farmer at heart! His childhood experience of roaming and working in the farming lands under the guidance and influence of a loving “Seeya”/Grandfather (Eason Millagasthane) played a significant part in this.
Chanaka always had a dream to have this own family plantation. In early 2000 he was able to buy 10 acres of land from his village Kuruwita where he had unforgettable memories while spending time roaming with his dearest Seeya. The time he spent walking around farms and paddy fields and learning to experience nature left a strong impact in the young mind.
The joy and fulfilment of planting and sustaining trees became a normal part of his life during holidays as he lived in the city while growing up. He always wanted to share the joy of planting and sustaining trees for the future with next generation and when he became a father made a promise to himself that he will make sure his son Shakya Mallikarachchi will learn to grow up with similar experience as he did with his Seeya.
What started with 10 acres has grown over the years. Our Family plantation depicts flourishing cinnamon plants like the rest of our crop’s tea and rubber. As a small family-owned business, we strongly believe that our aim to grow must go hand in hand by adopting methods to preserve the environment. We strive to be ardent growers that conserve mother earth by embracing ecofriendly smart agricultural practices across our plantation.
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